Student life

Student Associations

At Epitech, we have several student associations offering a wide range of activities, which provide excellent opportunities for students to socialize and network. Being either cultural, humanitarian or sports associations, they are managed like real companies and offer students valuable experience. Every student will be able to find the association in link with her/his hobbies.

French as a Foreign Language

Although the curriculum is taught in English, you will have the opportunity to take basic and intermediate French as a foreign language courses during your program. This linguistic preparation helps students to get familiar with the basics of French language to be able to communicate in daily life situations.

Cultural Activities

The International Relations Office offers several specific activities specifically for exchange students throughout the year. A welcome meeting and orientation will be organized upon arrival, as well as cultural and sport activities and company visits.


Epitech offers its students access to Forest Hill, a sports club with 11 locations in the Paris area.